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Sep 12th, 2007

I've searched high and low for more information on how this antenna is mounted. All that is said in the data sheet is that this antenna comes with two brackets that allows the antenna to be spaced 6 inches away from the pillar.

Can anyone post a link to a picture of an AIR-ANT3213 pillar-mount antenna in its mounted/operational state? Further, I want to know if I can mount the AP (probably a 1231) in that 6 inches of space behind the antenna.

I have this problem too.
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srosenthal Wed, 09/12/2007 - 04:49

The antenna has a bracket that can either be screwed into the pillar or you could use two metal strapes that would wrap around the pillar. There is enough space behind the antenna to mount the AP if you want. The included mount also allows you to angle the antenna in various directions to optimize the beam.

There is also enough antenna lead that the AP can be mounted within 2 feet of the antenna.

Sorry no pictures.


oj88 Wed, 09/12/2007 - 05:23

Thanks for the reply. But I would still appreciate a picture of the installed antenna.

Follow-up question: I know that this antenna is omni-directional, but based on your experience, wouldn't the pillar it's mounted on affect the signal propagation? (ie. signal strength behind the pillar)

The venue I'm planning to install this to has 2x2-ft. concrete pillars. Since I don't have this antenna on hand to do an accurate site-survey, are there any gotchas I need to look into?

srosenthal Mon, 09/17/2007 - 07:24

Since they are pillars, I would assume they are also reinforced with rebar. This will have an effect on propagation. However, the antenna is a diversity antenna and that should help to compensate with the coverage loss of the pillar.

The coverage could be simulated with two of the AIR-ANT2506 mounted 4 inches apart, if you have them. You could tape them to the pillar and this should give you a fair indication of how the signal will propagate and the coverage you should be able to get.

You also could use the AP with two rubber ducks on it mounted to the pillar, but the gain is about 1/2 that of the AIR-ANT3213.

The only gotcha I can think of is that if you mount the AIR-ANT3213 very high up, you will need to angle them downward. This of course will not provide an even signal plane. Keep in mind you are dealing with a 25 degree V plane. A steep pitch on the mount could cause the antenna to act more like a patch and not an omni.

Sorry about not having a picture to send.



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