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Avner Izhar Thu, 09/13/2007 - 22:53


Not sure what you are asking here, calling from a mobile which is external to the system? How is the route pattern relates to that?

Please explain some more so I can help.

Regards, Avner.

davieshuw Fri, 09/14/2007 - 01:11

If you do a debug isdn q931 you'll be able to see if thats how its being presented to you from BT, I know BT drop our leading 0's on all incoming calls by the looks of things, i'd be interested to see if anything could be done; perhaps prefix all incoming calls with a leading 0?

Majdi Harb Fri, 09/14/2007 - 03:12

you may forgot terminal monitor;

To display debug command output and system error messages for the current terminal and session, use the terminal monitor EXEC command.

Avner Izhar Fri, 09/14/2007 - 07:27


It all makes sense now, the calling number is indeed truncated by BT (which is normal in most telco environments).

Do you need it (the 0) in order to allow your users to return calls from their missed calls directory? or you are simply interseted in presenting it differently to your users?

The solution, since it is mgcp, would require a translation pattern and some partitions and css. relevant link on cco can be found at:

HTH, Avner.

AJAZ NAWAZ Fri, 09/14/2007 - 21:39

I'll second that, Or you can ask BT to leave the leading '0' in place when forwarding the call into your network. In the past I have asked them to do this and more ; )




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