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I have a ACE demo module that I've been testing in the lab and I would like to check out the ACE's GUI but I'm have issues getting it to work. I'm able to pull up a web page by hitting the management IP of the ACE but it only has links to Cisco's site and some XML download. Is there something that I have to enable on the ACE or is there something else that I'm missing.

Thanks -Jason

I have this problem too.
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robert.mierau Thu, 09/13/2007 - 04:30


the Ace itself has no GUI. You could use ANM to administer the ACE graphically.



mike.harlow Thu, 09/13/2007 - 18:55

You might find that the ANM software has a $0 cost, for the lite version. It can handle up to 4 ACE modules. Talk to your supplier, part number is ANM-SERVER-11-K9. If you want to support 5+, then license fees start.

You will need to provide your own server, running RedHat Enterprise 4 (or maybe CentOS 4 might work - without the RedHat support costs).

ANM runs constantly, scanning the ACE's, creating graphs and statistics. It also enables the creation of templates for easy deployments etc.

dkirsch Fri, 10/12/2007 - 14:31

Update to this is that we removed the Lite version in favor of the ANM-SERVER-xx-K9 being listed at $0 while having it support up to two ACE devices with the default five (5) Virtual Contexts.

If more than two devices, then purchase the ANM-AD-xxx license where the xxx is 005, 010, 020 or 050 representing support for five, ten, twenty or fifty ACE devices. (MAX 50 per ANM server total).

If more than the default five Virtual Context on any one ACE device (such as having installed ACE-VIRT-xxx license on the ACE) then also add on a one for one basis the commensurate ANM-AV-xxx license for each ACE.

RHEL only though, CentOS is not supported.



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