Starting out as a woman

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Sep 12th, 2007


I'm getting back into the IT industry after years in Healthcare. I'd to go all the way to CCIE but of course starting with my CCNA. Are there alot of women with there CCIE?

I have this problem too.
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flash2200 Thu, 09/13/2007 - 04:20

I know of a local cisco training center that has a board at it's office with the names and photographs of all of its students who have achived CCIE over the years. Of the 30 or so pictures one is a woman. Don't let that stop you though. If you feel you can do it then go for it!

miajohnson1107 Thu, 09/13/2007 - 04:29

Thanks! I know I can. I use to work in the field a few years ago. I worked at Global Crossing and I worked with switches, SONET, VOIP but its been awhile. Thanks again for the encouragment. I'm taking a Community College course in Oct with the first of four 8 week classes for the CCNA training.

cyphur353 Fri, 09/14/2007 - 06:07

CCNA is certainly achievable in less than 32 weeks - I got mine in 5. Of those 5 weeks, I spent 10-12 days in the lab on the hardware. The CCNA is certainly a broad test, but hands on can expedite the process.

Also, if CCIE is your end goal, I would bypass going for your CCNP and head directly to study for your CCIE. It will save you time and money - two things that definitely come at a premium.

miajohnson1107 Fri, 09/14/2007 - 06:27

Thanks for the advice!

Did you use a book to study? If so, which one? And did you already work in the field? I ask these questions because I've been out of the field for a few years so I'm not sure if self study in a book is best or go the instructor led training route.

cyphur353 Fri, 09/21/2007 - 09:00

I couldn't tell you about good materials for the exam now - I took mine in 2005.

For the CCDA and the CCNP - I've stuck just with the CiscoPress materials. They work for me really well.

miajohnson1107 Fri, 09/14/2007 - 06:29

Also, I'm not in the field currently. So while I have access to servers and have 2000 series servers at home I'm completely away from it on a daily basis.

I just wanted to wish you luck! I'm a woman and have been in the IT industry for over 16 years and it hasn't been easy. I had my CCNA a few years back, but did not renew due to changes in my position. I don't believe in being a "paper certificationer". I just got a new job and I'm thinking of recertifying. In my experience, I've seen very few woman in IT. Most that are, are Helpdesk or IT admins of some sort. I say go for the CCIE if you can!!

srue Fri, 09/21/2007 - 09:42

i'm not sure why, but i chuckle to myself everytime i see the title of this thread.

miajohnson1107 Fri, 09/21/2007 - 13:01

I guess you are right, I probably should have said 'starting CCNA training as a woman'! I came in the world as a woman. LOL

jreekers Fri, 09/21/2007 - 10:44

I work in Cisco's TAC, and I have several female coworkers who have attained a CCIE. It takes time and dedication, but you can do it...go for it!

miajohnson1107 Fri, 09/21/2007 - 13:00

Thank you for the encourgagement! I will! I'm very excited and dedicated and have a good support team behind me!

Thanks again!


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