Call are dropping when being transfered from autoattendant to an extension

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Sep 13th, 2007

People call into the system and reach the auto attendant and are prompted to enter the extension at any time. When they enter in the extension the system drops the call. This is not all the time but more than half of the time.

What is handleing the transfer process from call manager to the users extension? I assume it is call manager handing the call to unity. Does anyone know what is involved in this process?

I have this problem too.
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Most likely it's something in CCM. How many CallManager server do you have in your cluster ? are they all on the same network ? are all your phones register to the same CallManager server ?

This issue occurs when the CallManager servers in your cluster are not fully in sync and you have phones and voicemail ports register to different CallManager server. A reboot of all servers will fix the problem.

Hope that helps !!


tdederscheck Thu, 09/13/2007 - 13:39

Hi Danny,

We only have one CallManager w/2 Unity servers. Its pretty basic. I will take your advice and re-boot the servers. If you have any other ideas as to what might be causing the issue I am open to suggestions.

are you able to recreate the problem ? Did the callers get the transfer message from Unity after they entered the extension ? what happen after the callers enter the extension ?

I have experienced very similar problem but in my case I have 4 CCM servers and 2 servers are connected over the WAN and I have phones and voicemail ports register to different server and CCM were out of sync.


tdederscheck Fri, 09/14/2007 - 07:20

I re-booted the servers last night and when I called this morning my first attempt was dropped. When I call in I hear the auto attendant message and when I put the extension in it drops before the transfer message. Once the extension is entered it sounds like the line goes dead.

have you tried other extensions ? did it work on other extensions ? have you checked the settings on the autoattendant call handler ? I would double check the autoattendant call handler settings. And remember the extension that you enter from the autoattendant must has either a call handler or voicemail box associate with it in order for Unity to successfully transfer the call. You can also check the application log on the Unity server for any errors.



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