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Sep 14th, 2007
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I'm a newbie. Could someone help me solve the problem of setting up lotus domino passthru server on the DMZ connected to Cisco ASA 5510 and the real domino server on the internal network which is connected to a Cisco 3560 Switch.

I want to set the inside client on the internal network to be enable to send and receive email both from the internal and external mail. When the internal client want to send or receive mail from external let say hotmail or google, it goes to internal mail server and then to the server on the DMZ.

The other scenario is that external user from outside would also be able to send and receive mail either from the internal mail or external mail such as Yahoo or gmail with accessing first through the passthru server on the DMZ.

Please someone out there help me.

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rajbhatt Sun, 09/16/2007 - 21:15
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U can try like this :

static(inside,dmz) (for inside server to access dmz and vice versa)

static(dmz,outside) 202.160.44.x ( dmz server to access the internet )

access-list dmz permit host host (inside access to the dmz server)

access-list dmz permit host any eq pop3

access-list dmz permit host any eq smtp

access-list dmz permit host any eq http ( last 3 statements for dmz server to acccess the internet mail )

access-gr dmz in interface dmz

access-list inside permit host host (inside server to access the dmz server )

access-gr inside in interaface inside

Between the servers how will the relay happen ?


5y5tadmin Mon, 09/17/2007 - 16:25
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Hi rajbhatt,

Sorry. I attached the wrong network diagram last time.

Here, I attached again the correct diagram. Hopefully, it might help u to solve our problem.

About the relay between the server on the DMZ and internal, it uses only port 1352 to be open for communication.

For the external user to use their mail for send and receive using Lotus Notes application, port 1352 and 25 are open.

Hopefully, with the info that i provide could help u to solve our problem.

5y5tadmin Tue, 09/18/2007 - 21:59
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Hi Rajbhatt,

Sending mail from the internal mail server to the internet mail such as hotmail and gmail works successfully.

However, when internet user from the internet sending mail to the internal mail through the passthru server is failed.

What setting or configuration do i need to configure to make it work?

Please advice.


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