How to configure 1SHDSL on 2811

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I'm sorry if this question is a bit basic, but this is my first experience both with Cisco kit and with trying to find answers on their website. I have spent some hours trying to find the answer on my own, but either I'm having a bad day or it's really not that obvious.

I have a 2811 router and four 1SHDSL v3 interface cards, intended to provide a single bonded ADSL service - we're a long way from the local telephone switch, so the lines don't get faster than 2 Mb on a good day.

I can't work out how to make the 2811 see the interface cards. It's running IOS version 12.4(3h). The set of instructions for configuring the interface card ( stop working at the # interface atm 0/0/0 command, as the atm instruction is not recognised.

Any clues would be appreciated.


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