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Sep 15th, 2007


I got 3 routers and i want to simulate a frame relay connection. I am following the ICND book on configuring a frame-realy and i don't have a frame-relay switch. The router is always saying protocol down.

Do i need a different command? as i got a DCE/DTE between two routers

Please advice

I have this problem too.
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scottmac Sat, 09/15/2007 - 05:00

Do you have two of the switches plugged in to the third (which is acting as a FR switch)?

If that's true, then make sure the DCE-end of the cables are plugged into the FR switch, make sure the FR switch is configured as the DCE, make sure you have a clock-rate set, and make sure the interfaces are admin'd up (No Shut).

On the endpoints, make sure you have the connection set to recover clock from the line, make sure the LMI type is the same as the FR switch, etc ... the parameters have to match the FR switch, not the other endpoint.

You also want to make sure you have the paths defined in both directions; a path through the FR switch from S0 to S1 is one way, then you also need to do a path from s1 to s0.

Post up your configs so we can see 'em.

Good Luck


edongskiu Sun, 09/16/2007 - 04:38

Thanks, the link helped and works.

I tried a routing protocol and it does not allow the networks to see each other? i used eigrp...any idea why it the routing does not work?

edongskiu Wed, 09/26/2007 - 23:52

Hi Edison,

I found the problem, thanks for the offer. btw, i just passed my ccna, thanks for info on the frame-relay it did helpded.


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