Kevin Dorrell Tue, 09/18/2007 - 04:33

- Switches only have an ARP table for hosts or routers that are addressing the management features of the switch.

- If the port is set to portfast, there is no topology change.

- The ARP table entries are flushed after 4 hours by default

- The forward table entries are flushed after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Kevin Dorrell Tue, 09/18/2007 - 05:07

The MAC forwarding table entries are cleared after 5 minutes of inactivity from the particular address, or immediately if the corresponding port goes of line. If there is a Topology Change Notification going round the network, then the aging time on all entries is reduced to 15 seconds, if I remember correctly.

paul.matthews Tue, 09/18/2007 - 06:27

You do remember correctly, though not all switches in a spanning tree will see the TCN, so only those that see it will change the timer to 15 secs.


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