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I am trying to deploy some DHCP IPSLA test from a 6509 and 7200 (12.2(18)) to a dedicated DHCP appliance. At the moment the only results that I can get is a 'Failed Operation due to a Timeout'. The tests have been created with different combinations of the type dhcp command yet I always get the timeout.

With the debugging turned on for trace and error I get the following;

Rtr 1: Starting An Echo Operation ? IP RTR Probe 1

dhcp request exceeded timeout (5000) measured:5120

Even when I increase the timeout I get the same result.

I get the following from sh dhcp server/lease;

sh dhcp server

DHCP server: <my DHCP server>

Leases: 2831

Offers: 5662 Requests: 0 Acks: 5662 Naks: 0

Declines: 0 Releases: 16986 Bad: 0

DNS0: <my DHCP server>, DNS1:

Subnet: DNS Domain: <my Domain>

Temp IP addr: <an address from scope> for peer on Interface: unknown

Temp sub net mask:

DHCP Lease server: <my DHCP server>, state: 8 Purging

DHCP transaction id: 382

Lease: 1048575 secs, Renewal: 524287 secs, Rebind: 917503 secs

Next timer fires after: 00:00:25

Retry count: 0 Client-ID: rtr-probe-1,4

Does anyone know where I might be going wrong?


I have this problem too.
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