CCNP equipment and SW for lab setup ?

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Sep 20th, 2007

I was wondering if someone could recommend a few good places to get some lab equipment for purchase. I am studying for the CCNP and I would like to setup my own lab, but I need to make sure I get the right device models to the support appropriate IOS. I noticed that kakashi1973 posted a site that sells Cisco kits and it appears that at least one router running 12.4IOS such as the 2600XM or 3600 series is needed. so I guess I'm trying to determine the bare minimum I would need to set up the recommended labs in terms of equipment and IOS versions. Any recommendations on lab kits and IOS would be greatly appreciated. Also I've looked at some kits on, but the basic and standard kits don't appear to support the 12.4 IOS. from what I've been reading 12.4 IOS is highly recommended/mandatory.

Thanks in Advance

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sannymlao Sat, 09/22/2007 - 03:44

There are lots of equipments selling on ebay. Your minimum hardware requirements for router should be at least 32MB flash memory and 64MB Dram to support IOS 12.4.12. The files for IOS 12.4.x is more or less 11.x MB size. Second, you need WIC-1T or WIC-2T module on each router to connect each other. Third, you need DTE/DCE crossover cable to connect between WIC-1T or WIC-2T.

I would recommend to buy at least 2600XM or 3640 routers. The 2610XM, 2620XM and 2650XM had one 10/100 MB fastethernet built-in on each router. The 2611XM, 2621XM and 2651XM had two 10/100 fastethernet built-in on each router. All these 2600XM series had two WIC slots and one NM (network module) slot. I would advice if you want buy 2600XM router, always ask the seller to add one or two WIC-1T card and a DTE/DCE DB60-to-DB60 crossover cable on each router to save shipping cost.

The 3640 routers doesn't have WIC slots available and no fastethernet interface. You need to buy separate NM-1E2W or NM-1FE2W to accomodate the WIC-1T card. If you want to use WIC-2T, you need to buy NM-1FE2W. The WIC-2T card will not work on NM-1E2W. For WIC-2T card you need to use DTE/DCE smart serial-to-smart serial crossover cable.

For me, it's better to use WIC-1T card and DTE/DCE DB60-to-DB60 crossover cable

In my opinion, better to buy 2600XM routers because with already built-in fastethernet on it and to be use for vlan routing on stick for your lab.

When you bought from ebay always check or asked the seller if that router has faceplate and all NM/WIC slots with covers. Most important asked them to installed enterprise IOS 12.4.x for free before it shipped. You can not download IOS in internet for free.

Beware!!!! Most of them 2600XM and 3640 (NM/WIC slots at the back of the router) without covers. And some of them no faceplate. Beware!

If you want a frame relay. You can buy a cisco 2520 (4 WIC-1T built-in) or 2522 (8 WIC-1T built-in).

Buy from ebay seller with 100% positive and a thousands of feedbacks. And/or with a logo square trade (buy with confidence) besides on the seller name. Don't buy 2500 series except for frame relay and access server (2520,2522 and 2509, 2511 respectively.)or 2600 series router.

The price as of now for 2610XM or 2620XM 128MB Dram and 32MB flash from $190 to $230. The 2611XM or 2621XM 128MB/32MB flash from $290 to $350.

For 3640 128MB/32MB flash from $180 to $200. But you nedd to buy a separate NM-1E2W or NM-1FE2W.

NM-1E2W is a network module with 1 10MB ethernet interface and 2 WIC slots. $25 to $40

NM-1FE2W is a network module with 1 100MB fastethernet and 2 WIC slots. $90 to $140

WIC-1T - $20 china to $40 used but original

WIC-2T - $49 china to $70 used but original

DTE/DCE DB60-to-DB60 crossover cable - $5 to $12 for WIC-1T card

DTE/DCE smart serial-to-smart serial crossover cable - $25 for WIC-2T card

I hope will help.

sannymlao Thu, 10/11/2007 - 07:27

Yes, I ordered from them before with dual cisco 3640. I was very, very, very disappointed.

Routers look like come from the junkyard. Lot of scratches, uncleaned, they sent wrong crossover cable and wrong WIC card that need to work with NM1E2W.

The only good from them are the CD with updated IOS. But all their stuff are expensive.

The 3640 come without covers and damage faceplate.

I would not recommend.

You can buy from Just search cisco in all categories because sometimes new user doesn't know how to post in correct categories.

Most important if you want to buy at ebay check their feedback. If it's hundreds or thousands of feedback with a 100% positive feedback, you can buy with confidence.

If I were you, I would buy 2600XM series with at least 128MB-dram/32MB-flash. The flash is very important b'coz IOS will depend on it. Just ask the seller to add WIC-1T module on every router and DCE/DTE DB60 crossover cable to connect two routers to save shipping cost. Don't forget to ask the seller about covers on all NM slot and WIC slots at the back of router and the faceplate. Sometimes seller removed the faceplate and covers and sold it separately.

Another one ask the every seller to include one console cable (very important). Console cable used to configure routers and switches, without this cable, you cannot do anything with the equipment.

There some honest person or seller at ebay. One of them Sooner Network Solutions (William Habekott) with 100% positive feedback.

You can visit a forum to ask some questions regarding home lab like Just go to CCNA forum and the people there very helpful.

I hope will help.

shedrickc Thu, 10/11/2007 - 07:03

Yeah, I've seen the suggested lab setups. But the lab setup is pretty expensive. it appears that the routers supporting 12.4.x are $200 and up w/ the txcvrs even on Ebay. I could do it if with the cheaper 2500 series routers. right now Ciscokits appears to have the best deal for $890. which may get me close to the setup for the best price. here what they offer.

One 3640 64/16 Router supporting 12.4

One 2620 100mb 64/16 Router support 12.3.21

One 2501 8/8 Ethernet router supporting 12.1.21

One 2924 or 2924-M 100mb Switch supporting Enterprise 12.0.05

Two 1912 10/100mb Switches supporting 9.00.07

One NM-1E2W Modules with one built-in Ethernet port

One Transciever

Two Serial modules

One WIC-1B-U ISDN Module

Two Back to Back Cables

Console Cable Kit

Six Power Cables

30 Day Warranty!

Additional Items Include:

12.4.12 IP/FW/IDS IOS on CD

12.3.21 IP/FW/IDS IOS for the 2620

12.0.05 Enterprise IOS for the 2924

9.00.7 Enterprise IOS for the 1900 Series

TFTP Server & 8 other programs

sannymlao Thu, 10/11/2007 - 07:41

Forget about 1912 10/100mb switch, you cannot use it. The 2501 router with 16/16mb, you can buy at ebay $15-$20 each. If you pursue CCNP after CCNA, you cannot use most of them. The 2924XL, you can buy from ebay around $60. The router 2620 around $90-$120. NM-1E2W around $25-$35, Serial modules WIC-1T $25-$35. Back to back DCE/DTE DB60 crossover cable around $10. Forget transceivers.

I hope will help.


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