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I have a WLC running It is trunked with dot1q and the specific VLANs are allowed. I have defined an interface (call it Outside) for vlan 100 and assigned it an appropriate address. Also the defined DHCP server is a Cisco router acting as a gateway off of the wired LAN. Now, I've also defined a WLAN and tied it to the Outside interface. My problem is that when a wireless client successfully associates they get no IP address. The kicker is that when I do debug on the WLC I see the client's DHCP DISCOVER message go out. And then I see the router's DHCP OFFER message reply. However there is no DHCP ACK and the client never accepts the offered ip address. On another note, this works just fine for a DSL vlan that we've setup in exactly the same manner. DSL router is connected to an arbitrary VLAN and is acting DHCP server. The DSL VLAN is tied to a WLAN and clients can associate and recieve DHCP address no problem. I've rebooted the WLC and no affect, also I've tried disabling/enabling the DHCP proxy. No change in behaviour. I'm definitely all ears to any suggestions!!!!



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Okay, found out what it was. Just not sure why. In no way related to DHCP issues. Noticed that when I statically assigned an address I still could not communicate. So, after some floundering I deselected static WEP as the security mechanism and used WPA with passcode. Voila! Worked like a champ...my new question then is this...why? The static wep key worked just fine for the DSL vlan instance but not for the Outside vlan.


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