Which is bets STUDY GUIDES or EXAM Certification Guide

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Sep 22nd, 2007

Hi all

I am preparing for the new CCNP exams

Which i have to complete by February next year.

I ordered the BSCI and BSMSN study guides from Ciscopress since it's the best and there is none out there.

My problem now is if am to complete the first 2 which is BSCI & BSMSN i will have to wait till the rest of the study guides are written.

As an alternative i was thinking of using the Exam certification Guide but Ciscopress says it's not good for my case since i don't have prior knowledge in ISCW and ONT.

With this does anybody think i can make it with exam guide or when are the STUDY GUIDES going to be published?

Need help urgently

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cyphur353 Sat, 09/22/2007 - 18:55

I read just the ONT exam cert guide, and I passed the exam with an over-900 score. It will give you plenty enough theory and facts to comprehend the topics required to pass.

csco11012095 Sun, 09/23/2007 - 05:21

i guess you are already in the field "i mean you

working" for me am not so i don't know if the the Exam guide will help me.

please let me know if i can use it to study for the scratch..


cyphur353 Sun, 09/23/2007 - 07:02

Thats tough to judge. ONT includes an introduction to Cisco's IP telephony technologies, as well as general IP telephony fundamentals. It covers QoS in a limited scope, as well as AutoQos and how to configure/implement it. It finishes out by introducing you to wireless technologies, access mehtods, security protocols, and Cisco's Lightweight technologies.

In my opinion, if you can wrap your mind around QoS, it's the easiest CCNP test. It covers the least amount of information, and doesn't go into too much detail. The topics are somewhat challanging, but the exam cert guide goes into sufficient detail that if you study well, you should do fine.

I do suggest, that if you haven't worked with QoS, to download dynamips/dynagen, and to play with it a little. Seeing it work in action helps immensely!

Danilo Dy Wed, 09/26/2007 - 05:35

The Study Guide focus more on trying to make you understand the technology or the content of the book :)

The Certification Guide focus on how you can pass the exam if you understand the content of Study Guide :)

You need both if you are new. Though you may only need Certification Guide if you "think" you already know the technology, you can still refer to Study Guide if you are stumped on some jargons else you can use the internet and save that $$$.


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