Late collisions vs. Local collisions

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Sep 23rd, 2007

Does anyone have any links to information that will identify which of these are late collisions and which are local collisions? I can't find it in either the ICND Intro or ICND books.

caused by excessive media latency

considered abnormal network operation

occurs after the first 64 bytes of a frame are transmitted

damaged frame retransmitted

occasionally occurs in normal network operation

jam signal sent to intentionally ocrrupt frame

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scottmac Sun, 09/23/2007 - 19:50

Oiiginal Ethernet was designed so that even with the minimum frame size (64bytes / 512 bit times), if a (normal) collision occurred, anywhere on the (maximum length) wire, it would be sensed.

That's the key to figuring out "normal / local" versus "Late."

So, the first three, as you have them listed, are "Late"; the last two are "normal / local" ... the damaged frame retransmitted is a little ambiguous, but at strictly at the layer two level, I"m pretty sure they would consider it "normal."

The "JAM" signal is sent once a collision is detected in the first 64 bytes to ensure that all hosts heard the collision.

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