ankbhasi Sun, 09/23/2007 - 21:22

Hi Ravi,

Certifications play different role for different category of people. If you are already an experienced guy in networking industry certification like CCNA will help you getting some raise in your salary or some higher position and enhance your profile.

If you are fresh or have little experience in networking industry certification like CCNA will help you enhance your knowledgebase, give you more confidence and hands on Cisco products and will also let your door open to some good jobs if you are a fresher.

But with any category certifications will definetely help you somewhere or other and will boot your confidence and profile.



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Kevin Dorrell Mon, 09/24/2007 - 01:34

The main benefit of a CCNA is the knowledge you will gain in studying for it. How much knowledge you gain is up to you. If you study it properly, the benefit will be enormous. If you read a brain-dump, the benefit will be next to nothing.

Another thing to consider is that many recruiters will automatically discard any applicants who do not have CCNA. (Although in this case usually they are nice enough to specify CCNA as a pre-requisite in the job advertisment.) In this way, it is not so much the CCNA having a benefit as non-CCNA having a disadvantage.

Kevin Dorrell



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