Thanks to Paul Browning - finally passed

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Sep 25th, 2007

I wanted to thank Paul Browning of for pushing me over the edge and helping me pass the CCNA.

I used the Odom books as well as Chris Bryant's excellent study guide. But, I had failed multiple times. My hangup seemed to be subnetting - I wasn't fast enough.

Paul's subnetting chart finally clicked for me! I actually did some subnets in my head during the exam, which is beyond what I would have thought I could do. (I have an English degree - I've always stunk at math!).

Anyway, I recommend his site if you are are looking for good, succinct material, including configuration videos and other tools.

I have this problem too.
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debasmita Tue, 09/25/2007 - 09:33

Hi everyone,

i want take service provider CCNA exam in near future.i am new to this field.can any one please help me what are the steps i should take for the exam? i found out that the certification courses are very expensive.

my ultimate goal is to take the exam on service provider CCIP 642-611 since i want to work on MPLS field.for CCIP i have to take CCNA. Thank you.

keesjan.schilstra Wed, 09/26/2007 - 05:14


I might have a solotion for others in finding more time during the exam.

Subnetting should cost you 10 sec a question there are some 10 questions about subnetting so that would not cost you more then 2 minutes. Subnetting in 10 seconds?

Yes its simple.

Write down the bitnumbers of the last 2 octets and the sequence of 128 64 etc.




for example give me the subnet and broadcastadress of

it's simple look at the table 22 is step 4

Divide 61 by step 4 and multiply the WHOLE NUMBER 15 by step 4 the subnet is 60 next subnet is 60 plus step 4 = 64 so broadcastadress is 63.255 (B-class)

61/4=15*4=60 next subnet 64 so subnet is 63.255

or look at the table. 19 is step 32

61/32=1*32 subnet= 32 next subnet is 32+32=64 so broadcast is 63.255

or /28

15/16=0 0*16=0 so subnet is 0 next subnet is 16 broadcast is 15 (C- class)



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