pilont point (number) busy tone

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Sep 25th, 2007

Hi there,

Hope someone can assist with this issue.

We are using Cisco call manager 4.1.

The issue we are experiencing is that our main number keeps giving a busy signal. The main number is configured to translate to a pilot number, which is configured to route calls to first available hunt group members. The hunt group members are extensions associated to an attendant console user.

For instance, main number is XXXX 5000, which when ringing translates internally to 3268, this is the pilot number. The hunt group configuration consists of a pilot point using this pilot number (3268). The hunt group members are,

direct call to reception, line 1; direct call to reception, line2. Where line 1 and line 2 are the associated lines of attendant console user reception. Line 1 = 2501, line 2 = 2502.

I can ring 2501 and 2502 and get to reception without a problem. The problem is when i try ringing XXXX 5000, 5000, or 3268. I keep getting busy tones.

Can anyone please provide some assistance on what may be the problem?



I have this problem too.
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egua5261 Wed, 09/26/2007 - 15:17

I have checked the configuration once again and it is correct. This has been working but it stopped working even though no changes were made. The CSS for PP reaches DNs and CSS for hunt group members reaches PP. I have restarted the TCD and CTIManager services to no avail. Event viewer doesn't report anything unusual.

As a work around the main number (5000) is now being translated to an extension (2506), which was one of the hunt group members; i did it so to bypass the hunt group and it works, which tells me the issue is with the pilot point and hunt group. So ringing the main number now is ok but only with one line as I can't use the hunt group. I need to have it operational again.

Attached is the output of the dialer number analyzer using an internal extension as the calling party and the pilot number as the dialled digits, which proves the route is fine.

Can you share any ideas as to what may be causing the hunt group or pilot point not to respond?



gogasca Wed, 09/26/2007 - 19:48

I would need the CCM detailed trace.

Any other change like the algorithm?

Abdulbaseer Mohammed Wed, 09/26/2007 - 21:07

You are correct the problem is with your pilot 3268. If you can go into data base and reset if not then try this:

Delete the pilot 3268 and re create. Just to test you may create a new pilot number and redirect any number to it first if works try re directing 5000 if that works you know 3268 re create should work.

if it helps please rate.



j.huizinga Wed, 09/26/2007 - 23:11


Use DNA to see if the pilot point is registered. I have a customer with 20 pilot point and sometimes I get this busy tone and I am sure configuration is correct.

When I use DNA I see that the working pilot points are registered, and the one not working is unknow or something like that.


Device :Type= CTI Route Point

Device Status = Registered


You can solve this my deleting the PP and recreate it, or do a restart of the TCD service (not always working) Or a reboot of the callmanager.

Hope this helps,


egua5261 Thu, 09/27/2007 - 16:44

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to follow all.

At the end I had to reboot the call manager (subscriber only) and it came back ok and the pilot point started to respond again. I take it that one of the services locked up for some reason. I will be logging a job with our reseller to see if there is a hot fix for this version of call manager to make it more stable otherwise may consider an upgrade to version 5.

Can any one provide any suggestions as if an upgrade will be a better option?



Abdulbaseer Mohammed Thu, 09/27/2007 - 21:44

please check any upgrade and SR related issues other than that upgrades etc are always recomended sooner or later you have to go that route.




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