First, upgrade the code on both Sups file tems. Do that by placing the code in the bootdisk and the slavebootdisk. Update your "Boot System" config line to point at the new code. Once the code is loaded you can reload the slave Sup with the "HW-Module Module # boot" command [where # is the slot of your backup Sup]. This is done in EXEC mode, but not CONFIG mode.

When it finishes reloading, you will see it in COLD-Standby condition. If you force a switchover with the command RED FORCE, you will come up on the backup sup and the new code after about half a minute. YOU WILL LOSE SOME FUNCTIONALITY DURING THIS TIME (i.e. L3 uplinks, L3, IVR, etc). But it will be minimal. Once you come back up from the switch, [what was] the primary Sup will reload with the new code.

These steps only apply for the Non-Modular code. The modular code is almost the same process, however, the installation of that code has more steps and is [may be] loaded to a different location.

It is helpful if you issue the Term Mon command if you are not attached directly to the console port.




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