Routing for DHCP Superscope

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Sep 26th, 2007


I am running a DHCP server that has a Superscope: 10.1.A.0 , 10.1.B.0 , 10.1.C.0 and 10.1.D.0 all /24 on a single physical line. The 4 subnets in the superscope are all contiguous.

The physical line terminates on my core router fast ethernet interface.

On my router I have the following configs on the fastethernet inetrface:

interface FastEthernet5/1

description FIBER LINK TO Bldg XXX

ip address 10.1.B.1 secondary

ip address 10.1.C.1 secondary

ip address 10.1.D.1 secondary

ip address 10.1.A.1

ip helper-address 10.1.xx.xx

no ip proxy-arp

ip route-cache policy

ip route-cache flow

duplex auto

speed auto

ip route 10.1.A.0 FastEthernet5/1

Is the above the correct way to route between the supernet subnetworks on the same physical link?

or do I have to create a subinterface for each subnetwork in the superscope?

I look forward to your help.

Thank you.

I have this problem too.
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