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Sep 27th, 2007
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I have just installed LMS 3.0 in the hope that the upgrade costs would mean that a whole lot of new features would be apparant.

On the whole the main interface looks a little more polished , and its usefull that the product now works correctly with Firefox and IE7 and possible more fluid in changing between screens. Other than that its a lot of money to spend on the front end interface, with the same backend applications as in LMS2.6. It seems a bit premature to call this LMS3.0 it should have been called a conservative 2.8.

Anyways back to my topic, The Baseline Template for Compliance checking does not seem to work as desired if a all.

Even trying the built in Templates yeilds success on configs which should fail.

It seems that if you do a check for access list statements the job will be successful if just the access-list is configured no matter what condidtions follow the access-list.


im doing a check for:

access-list 81 permit

so following the template example I copy the template with the required changes.

When run on a config that has:

access-list 81 permit

it will come back as successful.

When run on a config that has:

access-list 82 permit

It is still successful.

This isnt to say that I only get successes, if trying the template 2 with Class statements the only time it fails is if the config does not exist.

Surely this feature would have been greatly improved/functional considering the charge for the software, and it does mean unfortunately that I would have to invest in a config/compliance application.

I do like the individual application summary screens , which has given dfm a little more use, however the alerts and activities is still inefficient in being the type of screen that you can use as your main display for realtime alerts, as opposed to the original screen a couple years back where you could create a type of portal interface with different windows for different groups, and had alerts flash up.

Just my thoughts;-)

Im sure if there was more money internally for the development of this product it would have the possibility to be the one stop NMS shop for Cisco Products however, were still having to use one 3rd Partyapplication for real time monitoring , Ciscoworks for Configuration/Software management.

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Joe Clarke Thu, 09/27/2007 - 10:30
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What you are seeing is NOT expected. Please provide the template you are using as well as a sample config. There must be a template issue as:

+ access-list 80 permit

Will NOT match:

access-list 80 permit

mironduplessis Fri, 09/28/2007 - 13:02
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The template I am using is a copy of the inbuilt template:

Name: Global SubMode: No isPrerequisite: No

Ordered : No Prerequisite-Commandset : none Parent: none

Name: accesslist SubMode: No isPrerequisite: No

Ordered : Yes Prerequisite-Commandset : none Parent: none

+ access-list 82 permit

General Info


JobId: 1082

Owner: admin

Description: test2

Schedule Type: Immediate

Job Type: Compliance Check

Baseline Template Name: AccessList_82_6500

Job Policies


E-mail Notification:

Job Based Password: Disabled

Device Details


Device Commands

access-list 82 permit


access-list 82 remark This list Specifies Allowed TFTP Servers

access-list 82 permit

Job Summary

Status: Successful

Start Time: Fri Sep 28 21:52:13 BST 2007

End Time: Fri Sep 28 21:52:16 BST 2007

Device Summary

Successful: 1

Failed: 0

Partially Successful: 0

Pending: 0

Not Attempted: 0

Execution Message



Joe Clarke Fri, 09/28/2007 - 13:30
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I don't see any indication that the device was compliant with this template. Just because the job completes successfully doesn't mean the device was compliant.

mironduplessis Sat, 09/29/2007 - 02:03
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Where is the result of the compliance supposed to be displayed other than in the work log?


jreekers Sat, 09/29/2007 - 09:14
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RME--> Config Mgmt--> Archive Mgmt--> Baseline Templates--> Baseline Jobs

(click on the results listed under Compliant/Deployed Device(s))



mironduplessis Sun, 09/30/2007 - 23:41
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Thanks mate, that explains a lot. Thats quite embarrassing to miss the obvious.


mironduplessis Mon, 10/01/2007 - 00:52
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Follow on Question.

If you have an access list with a remark statement

access-list 80 remark This access Is a test

access-list 80 permit

with a template of

+[#access-list 80 remark This access Is a test#]

+access-list 80 permit

I am able to run this against a compliant config and get a compliant result, however if I attempt to deploy it against an uncompliant config the job runs unsuccessfully, after correctly deciding that the config is uncompliant it only manages to add the

"access-list 80 permit"


It seems that it is a problem with the regex expressions being applied.

Anyone have any thoughts

Joe Clarke Mon, 10/01/2007 - 07:58
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Anything in [] must be replaced by an actual command in order for it to be deployed. See the online help regarding substituting parameters. You will either need to do this in the GUI when deploying your template or via a parameter file.

mironduplessis Thu, 10/04/2007 - 01:56
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Thanks for that advice, I did look at that before however its didnt seem to behave as expected.

I have a template which includes two command sets for two different access-lists.

However I had to make the one a prerequisite or it would do a compliancy check against it. The complaincy check works using regex in both however the deploy would only allow you to change the regex on the one that was not a prerequisite.

If you take off the prerequisite requirement, the compliance no longer works correctly, and you get an error when you attempt to edit the regex of the first commandlet.

Is it recommended to check different access-lists in the same or different command sets?



Joe Clarke Thu, 10/04/2007 - 16:33
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Unfortunately, the ACL management capabilities of baseline compliance are fairly weak compared to the old Access List Manager product. It sounds like you need to separate these command sets into different templates. But without seeing the specific template as well as the intended goal, I cannot say for certain.

As for the behavior of not being able to deploy a prereq, this is expected.

mironduplessis Fri, 10/05/2007 - 05:46
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Thanks mate, good to know.

I have had to create templates for each access list. However unfortunately it appears that if you have an acces list with an ACE that you do not want, you have to include the negative statements in the deploy statements before any positive statement(makes sense if it is just pasting in the commands)

However if you try and do a compliance check using the template it will fail or do a deploy of the template and then do a compliacny check it will fail. Seems a bit pointless if the deploy statement will not result in a compliant device.

This is quite a pain really. I may have to have separate comply and deploy templates.


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