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Hello all!

I have a weird problem.

I'm using Cisco Access Registrar to issue IP addresses to clients on a wireless network.

Everything was working fine (sessions created and destroyed as expected) but when I joined the AP to WDS all hell broke loose.

It seems that when the AP is not a WDS member the "NAS-Port" attribute is the same for Access-Requests and Accounting-Requests but when it's a member I get a different "NAS-Port".

This is a problem because the CAR creates a session when the Access-Request is accepted but destroys it whent it receives an Accounting-Request with an Acct-Status-Type = Stop. The session key is NAS:NAS-Port and if the port doesn't match the session isn't destroyed.

Has anyone had a similar problem or know a possible solution?

With thanks in andvance.

Sigurdur Bjornsson

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I have debugged this a little further.

I added a second AP to the WDS domain and it confirmed my fear... The Access-Requests are coming from the WDS master but the Acccounting-Requests are coming from the AP that the client commects to, which explains the different NAS-ports.

Does anyone have a clue how to work around this?


Sigurdur Bjornsson


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