I need help with Hunt Pilot-Hunt List-Hunt Group setup

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Sep 28th, 2007

I have created a Hunt Piliot with extension 780. Selected all default settings in CCadmin page.

I have created a Hunt List which has one Hunt group in it, again, selected all default settings.

The Hunt Group has 3 extension in it, 741,730, 749.

When I dial Hunt Pilot 780, I get 1 ring and then fast busy. I am missing a setp or something else and I cannot figure it


Do I need to do anything with translation rule or route pattern?

Do I need to create anything else on CallManager or on Unity to get this working? If configuration is required in Unity,

Can someone point me to the right direction. Thanks a lot everyone.

I have this problem too.
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Chris Deren Fri, 09/28/2007 - 12:25

What are the 741,730,749 DNs?

Are they Unity ports?

Have you validated that the Hunt List show registered? Try resetting it.


samnanveth Fri, 09/28/2007 - 12:39


The 741, 730, 749 are actual phone extension within the Line Group. I have not done anything on the Unity just yet concerning the ports. Also, when I do Run the Route Plan Report, it looks like the Hunt list is showin up under device name. I'm not sure if that's how you would verify if it was registered. Any further help would greatly be appreciated.

samnanveth Fri, 09/28/2007 - 13:53

Hmmm..I've reset the Hunt List, but I don't have a Route List created for this. Should I create a Route List?

Chris Deren Fri, 09/28/2007 - 13:55

I'm sorry, I ment to say Hunt List :-(

Are your Calling Search Spaces/Paritions setup properly?


samnanveth Fri, 09/28/2007 - 14:22

I believe the CSS and Partitions are setup up correctly. The Partion for the Hunt list is the same as the partion for each individual phones. I did not see where CSS could be configure on either Hunt Pilot, Line Group or hunt list. Also, does the Hunt Pilot has to be assign to a physical phone? I don't have it assigned to anything right now. Thanks.

Chris Deren Fri, 09/28/2007 - 14:42

No it cannot be assigned to anything else, the hunt pilot points to Hunt list which lists line groups, it is as simple as that.

If it still does not work for you, check out Dialed Number Analyzer, and/or CCM trace logs.


samnanveth Fri, 09/28/2007 - 15:02

here's a result of my DNA. I'm not sure where to look.

Results Summary

Calling Party Information

Calling Party = 721

Partition =

Device CSS =

Line CSS = Denver_Unlimited_CSS

AAR Group Name =


Dialed Digits = 780

Match Result = RouteThisPattern

Matched Pattern Information

Pattern = 780

Partition = Denver-Employee

Time Schedule =

Called Party Number = 780

Time Zone = (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)

End Device = Support-HL

Call Classification = OnNet

InterDigit Timeout = NO

Allow Device Override = Disabled

Outside Dial Tone = NO

Call Flow

Hunt Pilot :Pattern= 780

Positional Match List = 780

DialPlan = North American Numbering Plan

Route Filter

Filter Name =

Filter Clause =

Hunt Forward Settings

Forward Hunt No Answer

Use Personal Preferences = No

Destination =

Calling Search Space = Denver_Unlimited_CSS

Forward Hunt Busy

Use Personal Preferences = No

Destination =

Calling Search Space = Denver_Unlimited_CSS

Maximum Hunt Timer = -1

Call Classification = OnNet

PreTransform Calling Party Number = 721

PreTransform Called Party Number = 780

Calling Party Transformations

External Phone Number Mask = NO

Calling Party Mask =

Prefix =

CallingLineId Presentation = Default

CallingName Presentation = Default

Calling Party Number = 721

ConnectedParty Transformations

ConnectedLineId Presentation = Default

ConnectedName Presentation = Default

Called Party Transformations

Called Party Mask =

Discard Digits Instruction =

Prefix =

Called Number = 780

Hunt List :HuntListName= Support-HL

Line Group :LineGroupName= Support Hotline LG

Directory Number :DN= 730

Partition =

Device : Type = No Device associated with the DN

Directory Number :DN= 749

Partition =

Device : Type = No Device associated with the DN

Directory Number :DN= 741

Partition =

Device : Type = No Device associated with the DN

Alternate Matches

Note: Information Not Available

Chris Deren Fri, 09/28/2007 - 15:05

Accoring to this your DNs are not associated with any devices "Device : Type = No Device associated with the DN "

Are these DNs assigned to Phones?

What version of CM are you using?


samnanveth Fri, 09/28/2007 - 15:14

The DN, 730,741 and 749 are all assigned to 7940 phone. Regular call to these extension works correctly. I don't know what I'm missing on the DN itself, or the Hunt Pilot, Hunt List, Line group. I'm running CCM 4.1(3). This is the only Hunting I'm trying to do. My voicemail hunting works just fine and the setting on those are very similar to what I have for this, with the exception of the VM pilot. I could not figure out how to check the CCM trace log. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for taking the time.

rob.huffman Fri, 09/28/2007 - 15:39

Hi Calvin,

I think Chris is on to something here! (5 points for this good suggestion Chris) It looks like the Hunt Pilot is routing these calls just fine but there is a problem with 741,730 and 749. The DNA shows that each of these DN's was tried to no avail. Maybe you could try try deleting these 3 DN's and then removing them via the Route Plan Report;

Try this method via the Route Plan Report;

Deleting Unassigned Directory Numbers

This section describes how to delete an unassigned directory number from the route plan report. Directory numbers get configured and removed in the Directory Number Configuration window of Cisco CallManager Administration. When a directory number gets removed from a device or a phone gets deleted, the directory number still exists in the Cisco CallManager database. To delete the directory number from the database, use the Route Plan Report window.



Step 1 Choose Route Plan > Route Plan Report.

The Route Plan Report window displays. Use the three drop-down list boxes to specify a route plan report that lists all unassigned DNs.

Step 2 Three ways exist to delete directory numbers:

a. Click the directory number that you want to delete. When the Directory Number Configuration window displays, click Delete.

b. Check the check box next to the directory number that you want to delete. Click Delete Selected.

c. To delete all found unassigned directory numbers, click Delete all Found Items.

A warning message verifies that you want to delete the directory number.

Step 3 To delete the directory number, click OK. To cancel the delete request, click Cancel.

From this good doc;


Once these numbers have been completly removed re-assign them to registered phones and see what happens.

Hope this helps!


samnanveth Mon, 10/01/2007 - 09:17

Thank you all for your help. Especial Rob and Chris, the issue was definitely with the DN that was lingering. I've deleted these DN and my Hunting is working correctly.

rob.huffman Mon, 10/01/2007 - 11:53

Hi Calvin,

Nice work getting this fixed :) It's always a great sense of relief when we sort these type of problems out.

Take care,



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