qos on 1841

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Joseph W. Doherty Sun, 09/30/2007 - 04:48
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If the 1841 is running a later IOS image that supports CBWFQ, you could do it as follows:


class-map FTP

match protocol ftp

policy-map CBWFQ

class FTP

bandwidth 1mb

police 1mb

int s0

service-policy out CBWFQ

I'm suggesting using CBWFQ, which will allow you to easily expand QoS if you so desire.

You could also do the above with a shape command instead of police. The policier will drop all FTP traffic above 1 Mb, a shaper will queue it and to keep FTP from exceeding 1 Mb.

You could also not limit FTP bandwidth, but just prioritize to only use excess bandwidth.


policy-map CBWFQ

class FTP

bandwidth percent 1


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