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Oct 1st, 2007

Does somebody knows if an MGCP GW can sends a # key after any number in a PSTN call? Does any GW debugs shows this # key?

I have this problem too.
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Jon Nelson Mon, 10/01/2007 - 18:16

As it relates to CallManager, when a # key is invoked it signals the end of your dialing string and will send the call to the GW. Keep in mind you have to have a corresponding route pattern with the # key in it such as 9.011!#

So if I dialed 011123456789# CallManager would send the digits to the gateway right away and not wait for the interdigit timeout.

Thank you,


aalejo Tue, 10/02/2007 - 03:21

Jon For CCM the # key does not mean end of dialing. CCM treat the # key as any other key.

Jon Nelson Tue, 10/02/2007 - 05:01

As it relates to route patterns it does. I should have been more clear in my post.

Thank you,


aalejo Tue, 10/02/2007 - 05:38

You can use the # key at any part of a router pattern and CCM will not end dialing. Thats why for using # at the end of any route pattern (for international calls for example) you must explicit add the # key at the end of it (or use the @ wildcard).

The @ wilcard contains the route pattern 9.011!# on it, thats why when you use 9.@, CCM accept # as end of dialing and not because it is end of dialing.

There is an service parameter for stripping # key at the end of end called number, but it is a global setting.


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