Multiple SSIDs, but the 802.1x network always weaker

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Oct 1st, 2007

Just now starting to poke at this- we have an open-auth network and an 802.1x network. In areas where we are more hot-spotty and a client can only see a single AP, we're getting a fair number of reports that the 802.1x network is weaker in signal out of the same AP than the open WLAN is. My first thought is that it's likely in the way that RSSI/"bars" are displayed on individual clients, but we're also hearing that the 802.1x nework in these spots was too weak to use, but when jumping over to the open network, the connection was usable. Has anyone else had to deal with this perception?

I have this problem too.
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bcolvin Tue, 10/02/2007 - 23:04


As the signal strength is normally calculated from the beacon transmitted by the AP and it is the same regardless of authentication used. Are the users seeing only one AP or one SSID. the real question is what is the signal level in tha area that you are having trouble. According to the manufacturer what data rate is supported at that signal level, what data rate does the client show. Are they running the latest drivers. What does the event log on the AP say about the connection.

Hope this helps.


andrewjuliz Tue, 05/06/2008 - 19:53

I also experienced this problem. Is there any new information about this problem?


What are the SSID names? I have suspected that a similar observation is the result of the alphanumeric order of the SSID names. Any chance the 802.1x SSID is not the first alphabetically? It may be the waythe client is processing the beacons. Can you use a wireless packet analyzer or NetStumbler to verify?

--Bruce Johnson


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