vrf routing on a 3750

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Hi, here is my situation. I am setting up a test lab with 2 mpls routers, but only 1 3750 switch. I have the vlans configured and subnets setup.

vlans are as follows:

vlan 120 - 10.129.120.x/24 - routers Network one

vlan 121 - 10.130.121.x/24 - routers network two

vlan 10 - 10.129.10.x/24 - users network one

vlan 11 - 10.130.11.x/24 - users network two

and this goes on like this....

what I would like to do is instead of routing on the local switch between vlans I would like then routes to go through the switch. I was told VRF was the way to go, but have no clue on what to do.

when I traceroute between user 1 ( to user 2 ( it only has 2 hops, the switch route then the end user pc. I want it to hop from pc1->switch->router->switch->pc2.

can someone point me in the right direction?



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royalblues Wed, 10/03/2007 - 16:17
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you would require to setup MVRF-CE (VRF lite)on the 3750 to do this.

EAch vlan should be a part of a seperate VRF which should be routable via the router.

Is there a specific reason as to why you would not use intervlan routing?




the reason being is that the client only gave us one switch with 2 routers to simulate the MPLS QOS. We needed to seperate the 2 "networks" 10.129 and 10.130, but this morning I got them to release a 2nd switch as it is more like the mirror of the network we are building and not a One-off situation.

thanks again,



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