IP phone display name of the called party with grabage

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Oct 5th, 2007


I am running CME with 12.4.14(t) ios. The problem which i am having is that when anyone dial any extension, the name is displayed of the called extension & some garbage charater are shown

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Paolo Bevilacqua about 9 years 3 months ago


I use and recommend 12.4(11)XJ4 with AA-BACD without issues. Now, 12.4(15)T1 is out, and you want to check with your cisco contact, what is the exact bug for which they recommended the upgrade.

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aazmi Mon, 10/08/2007 - 21:29

i am running c2800nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-15.T IOS & CME is cme-124-15T

aazmi Tue, 10/09/2007 - 21:49

ok, if phone FW means phone loads file, then they are of the same IOS which i have mentioned earlier. phone load file is P00308000400.loads which i extracted from cme-124-15T zip file & is also mentioned in TXT file for Phoneloads.

Paolo Bevilacqua Wed, 10/10/2007 - 02:20

Which phone is this? If a 7940 or 60, can you try 8.0(7) downloadable from "series 7900 firmware".

Again I recommend you use 12.4(11)XJ4 because it has more bug fixes.

aazmi Wed, 10/10/2007 - 16:15

yes phones are 7960, 7940 & 7912G. the reason for using 12.4.15t was that some enginner from cisco said so for the Bacd performance without CUE. before 12.4.15t i was using the one you recommend & it was fine. 20 days back i have upgrade it to 12.4.15t.

Correct Answer
Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 10/11/2007 - 05:42


I use and recommend 12.4(11)XJ4 with AA-BACD without issues. Now, 12.4(15)T1 is out, and you want to check with your cisco contact, what is the exact bug for which they recommended the upgrade.

aazmi Wed, 10/17/2007 - 04:56

ok, issue is resolved as i upgraded to 17t. there was a bug in above mentioned IOS. Thanks to all


Azfar Aazmi

emorgan Mon, 10/29/2007 - 07:26

The bug ID is CSCsj18014. It is present in 12.4(15)T.

Fixed in 12.4(15)T1. Consult the bug tool to find all the releases and trains with the fix.

Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 10/29/2007 - 07:53


CSCsj18014 is:

Caller ID string received with extra characters

Symptoms: A caller ID may be received with extra characters.

Conditions: This symptom is observed when caller ID is enabled on both

routers and when the station ID and station name are configured on the FXS


Workaround: There is no workaround.

The reference of FXS ports makes be believe that CSCsj18014 is not the applicable bug. However, in the same results page, we see another bug matching better a problem of garbage w/o FXS ports:

Garbage characters in called name displayed on calling phone

Symptom: Garbage characters in called name displayed on calling phone Conditions: When placing a call from one phone to another phone on CME using 12.4(11)T3, the displayed name on the calling phone gets some unidentified characters at the end of the displayed name after a few seconds have passed. The problem was NOT seen in 12.4(11)T2

Now, the bug toolkit does not give the number for this "related bug" and I was not able to localize it.

emorgan Mon, 10/29/2007 - 08:10

Agreed that the bug tool is not always super clear.

To clarify my experience pertaining to the described CME malfunction:

- Was running CME 12.4(15)T on a 2821 advipservices.

- Experienced the same display problem as aazmi above (extra chars on originating phone's display).

- Traced the SCCP packets showing CME sending the extra random chars to the originating phone.

- Opened a TAC case

- TAC identified the bug as CSCsj18014.

- Upgraded to 12.4(15)T1

- Bug gone.

Hope my experience can help others.

jaimeatnok Fri, 11/09/2007 - 03:14

Sorry to re-open this thread but I'm having the same problem!

When placing a call from an IP to antoher, the calling party's display shows strange characters.

I'm running a 2821 ISR with IOS 12.4(15)T1 (IPVOICEK9 feature pack) and CME v4.1.

Could this be related to the fact that I'm running Firmware load version P00308000500 on the 7940/7960 phones and not the recommended P00308000400 as per the firmware matrix?

Paolo Bevilacqua Fri, 11/09/2007 - 04:07


I have the feeling that the issue has not yed been positively identified by Cisco in all the ramifications.

E.g. I have it for calls coming in via ISDB BRI w/ 12.4(11)XJ4, no matter the phone type or release. But calls from IP phone to IP phone, are OK.

If you want to try with a different FW, rather than going backward, I suggest 8.0(7) that is the latest for 7940/60.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

jaimeatnok Fri, 11/09/2007 - 04:19


Is there a BUG ID or an open case that I can track for this issue?

Paolo Bevilacqua Fri, 11/09/2007 - 04:48


As mentioned above, CSCsj18014 was indicated as the applicable one, but reading the description, it doesn't seems so to me. Another bug that appears in the same page, is reported without ID and I couldn't pull from search.

I guess your only choice is to open your own TAC case an see what you are told about. You should ask immediate escalation to CME team to avoid loosing time being handled by unqualified CSE.


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