UCCE Redundancy

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Oct 5th, 2007
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Hi Pros,

I have been trying to install redundant UCCE. For the start I have installed 3 machine, one for ICMSideA one for ICMSideB and another for Active Directory.

Here is the problem; when I stop the Router process on one side, I can not open the ICM configuration Manager. Does anybody know what problem is.


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MickeyKnox Sat, 10/06/2007 - 07:08
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Hi Geoff,

The configuration of real-time distributor is nearly same. There is only one differance, I have installed the AW's on same machine with Router and Logger. Therefore value for adminsite name and value for Router Side A are same.

Maybe the problem lies with your duplex configuration then.

I assume there is a crossover cable between the two machines. It's important to ensure that the NIC binding order on each box is configured with the visible LAN first, and the private LAN second.

The next test is as follows. Shut down all the processes, then start the logger on side A, followed by the router on side A. Router A will show a message about "synchronized - hold off disabled" and the trace will stop.

Within about 30 seconds, start the router on side B. As it starts, you should see it download the logger A config through its connection to the router on the other side. When it stabilizes, look back to Router A - it should have trace showing that it also has the config in memory. Both routers should have a final trace line saying they are "synchronized - duplex".



MickeyKnox Sat, 10/06/2007 - 11:56
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Hi Geoff,

I have made what you just said and router on side B has downloaded the config from side A. But I have seen the as a final line "all configuration operations complete" not "synchronized-duplex" at router process..


Mmm, I did not give you the correct instructions. I meant to say, bring up logger A, then router A. Router A will sit there saying "Synchronization holdoff disabled". Then quickly go to the B machine and start router B, watching router A. As soon as router B starts, router A will start to download it's config.

If you start router A and just wait, after 30 seconds it will download the config anyway. But on a correctly configured system, starting router B within 30 secs will immediately kick off the download on router A.

The other thing to do is use rttest. When both router-logger pairs are running, run rttest /cust /node routera from the A side, and rttest /cust /node routerb from the B side

Then run "status" on each. This should show the health of each of the A and B processes, and the time the last heartbeats were passed between the systems.

These should look very similar. You should have OK and MH for the rtr processes. See JPG attached for my side B.

Cisco have a document on the duplex checks.



MickeyKnox Sat, 10/06/2007 - 15:26
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Bad news, I have started the PGs but my problem is still same. When I stop the router service from one side I could not reach the central controller. CCagent process from the both side give me the "Central Controller service is unavailable"

Any ideas?

jeff.marshall Sun, 10/07/2007 - 19:36
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Start with the basics:

1) Stop all services.

2) Start Logger A and Call Router A

3) Start Call Router B

4) Start Logger B after Call Router B observes "all configuration operations complete".

5) RTTEST should show all central controller services in service.

6) Test Failover with these components and make sure all of these components comply.

7) make sure system is running duplex.

Start the AW (it's installed on what server?)

once the UAW process says "waiting for new work", make a config change to prove that it works. Now fail one side of the central controller (e.g. stop side A) and test this again and then the B side.

Anything that doesn't work at this stage should be checked/fixed at that moment.



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