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Oct 6th, 2007


We are planning a multicast video network comprising of a pair of Catalyst 6500s in the core, and fiber optic access rings with Catalyst 2960s (VLAN traffic separation) to connect the camera feeds (approx. 200 MPEG-4 streams). Recorders and displays will be located in the core site, there will be no receivers of the streams out on the access switches.

Now the video guys say the 2960 will be flooded - the multicast traffic could kill the switch !

Q: Do we need to redesign our access rings with another product?



I have this problem too.
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lgijssel Sat, 10/06/2007 - 04:19

Dont think so, The streams from the camera's to the recorders are likely unicast.

Multicasting will only take place between the recorders and the displays. With a properly segmented network, this should cause no problems for the 2960's which are capable of handling quite some multicast traffic anyway.



etxlews-SE Sun, 10/07/2007 - 03:14

Thanks for your reply.

The streams from the cameras could be either unicast or multicast. And if we go for multicast, they say the 2960 will flood all "camera VLAN" ports.

Does it make sense?



ankbhasi Sun, 10/07/2007 - 06:51

Hi Friend,

If you choose the option of multicast from camera and your recorder does not support IGMP then I will not recommend to go for multicast option but incase your recorder does support IGMP then switches have IGMP snooping enable and your multicast traffic should only hit the port on which recorders are connected.



etxlews-SE Sun, 10/07/2007 - 09:39

Hi Ankur,

Do you mean the multicast traffic should hit the trunk port of the 2960?

(Only the cameras will be connected to the 2960 - the recorders will be at the core switches.)

Best ones,



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