Can ciscoworks lms display hostname instead of ip address?

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Oct 7th, 2007
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there is another question for this. when i discover the devices, all the devices are displayed in ip address format. i would like to see the hostname instead of ip address. can this be done in anyway? thanks

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i got this from another thread...try this if it workds for you, (didn't work for me though :)

Go to Common Services > Server > Admin > System Preferences and check the box to enable hostnames for crmlog.

In LMS 2.5.1, you have to set this in the Registry manually. The checkbox was added in LMS 2.6. The key is HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\crmlog\Parameters\CrmDnsResolution. Set the value of this key to 1.

thetnaing00 Mon, 10/08/2007 - 19:03
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thanks for the reply but still i cannot see the hostname on the screen. even the host name is listed in the Campuse Manager and device management of Common Service, it will not be displayed in the screen. is there any other way round for this case. thanks.

sachipanda Mon, 10/08/2007 - 22:07
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yes u can get the hostname too.just u have to select show name instead of show ip. in device discovery>discovery settings.

Martin Ermel Tue, 10/09/2007 - 03:46
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If you say the hostnames are listed in Common Services and Campus Manager but you still can't see them I think you are talking of Topology Services. If that is what you mean you have to open a map and need to change the settings in 'View' - 'Display Lables' and check the radio button for what you want to display.

Also you can change 'Edit' - 'Map Preferences' - 'Label Display Fallback Rule' to set the fallbackrule. See the online help for details.

thetnaing00 Wed, 10/10/2007 - 17:09
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no i am not talking about topology services. sorry to confuse you. i am talking about display name in ciscoworks. when you expend "all devices" in CS or RME. their display name are in the form of IP address rather than Hostname. but when i look into the inventory report in device center, i can see the hostname under hostanme tab. i know i can change the display name under CS>Device Management>Device identity. But manually changing the display name(device identity) is too tedious and time consuming. another thing is even if i change the device identity in CS, the DFM will still show the ip address as display name. i would like to see the display name as hostname instead of IP address. can i ?

Martin Ermel Thu, 10/11/2007 - 07:50
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the only report I found on Device Center containing a column 'Hostname' can be launched from 'Device Center' > 'Reports' > 'Change Audit Reports'. But this is not an Inventory Report in terms of RME > Reports > Report Generator > Inventory ( -Select an Application-) which gives information about Chassis, Hardware, Software etc of a device.

The Change Audit Report for a device gives information about things that changed for a device e.g. config changes, port up/downs, module removal/insertion.

The 'Hostname' column in this report means

'Host name of the machine from which the user accessed the device or the host name of the RME server. The Host name can contain IP address if the address does not resolve to a name.'

So in your situation you must provide DNS resolution for all your network devices to have them listet with names instead of IPs. You can do this either by a real DNS server or maintaining a hosts file.

Also make sure you have the follwing settings:

in NMSROOT/campus/etc/cwsi/ (with at least Campus Manager 4.0.1)


and if you want the domain name suffix in DCR to be updated as well:



after the next rediscover it should be ok.

Now when it is ok for all devices you should do the following to display names in DFM:

Delete the devices from DFM and readd them (which by default will happenen automatically)

I hope that this time I understand correct ..

thetnaing00 Fri, 10/12/2007 - 03:56
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yes.this is what i need.i don't know how to turn on the DNS server in LMS.i will definitely try your the way,in the DNS server service,should it be reversed DNS or forward DNS or anything will do?because i configured reversed DNS in my DNS server for all the devices in the network.but most of the time,we don't configure revrersed,if the forward DNS will work,we won't bother to configure reversed DNS.thanks


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