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Oct 8th, 2007


if i configured 2 interfaces for my router:

interface IP1:

and i put this interface with SW interface IP: at same vlan 10 ------ are the tow interface will see each other and can ping each one?

thank you.

I have this problem too.
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Richard Burts Mon, 10/08/2007 - 06:50


I do not understand your question. You start by mentioning your router has two interfaces but it seems that you only tell us about one interface ( The you seem to be talking about a switch interface with VLAN 10 and perhaps address What is the relationship between the router interface and the switch interface?

If you are asking if a switch configured with VLAN 10 and address is connected to a router interface (not configured for trunking) with address then the answer is that they would not talk to each other and can not ping each other.



tareqrebhi Tue, 10/09/2007 - 00:38

excatly i need to connect router interface ( to other subnet with same VLAN 10.

if i did the trunking for router interface and th SW port this will let them to ping each other?

thank you.

thomas.anthony Mon, 10/08/2007 - 07:00

You can't ping each other has they are from different network and you need routing to communicate between these two

tareqrebhi Wed, 10/10/2007 - 00:05

ok .... i have this case:

i have AS5400 gateway & PGW 2200 i did mistake in the design & configuration for PGW2200 the best design for PGW needs only to talk with AS.

I configured only one interface for AS5400 but i put the interface for AS to talk with other nodes in the network it is not mistake but best design for security to make one interface dedicated for PGW2200 and other interface to talk with other nodes in the network and re-configure the PGW it very critical i don't need to follow this path.

Now i have one configured interface for AS and i need this interface to be dedicated for PGW2200 and at the same time can ping other nodes?. I don?t need any nodes to reach the PGW2200 except the AS.

I don?t know if VLAN or ACLs can solve that ? any idea plz.

Can you help me please?

tareqrebhi Wed, 10/10/2007 - 00:35

let say my scenario as:

-AS 5400 has one interface

-PGW 2200 has one interface

-ALL other nodes are in the same vlan

i need to configure interface for AS in vlan 10.

i need to configure interface for PGW in vlan 10.

i need to configure interface for all nodes in vlan 1.

i need interface for AS to ping both all nodes & PGW.But i don't need any nodes to ping or reach PGW, only will ping and reach PGE is AS ....so can VLAN solve this.


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