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Oct 9th, 2007

hi well i've been looking into doing my ccna recently and have always been good with comps, programs etc,

Now before I go and spend some money on a bootcamp i have been doing my research and seeing really what the course involves, i took the pre exam test and failed think it was 8 out of 34 and some of them were probably lucky!

So obviously i'd be doing the 2 part if i was still going to do it, I guess i am worried that im not as clever on computers as what I thought, so really my main question is would someone who was and is poor at math be able to pass the exam,

I have been having a look at the subnetting games I can do them but not that fast etc and it seems very difficult so is it worth me still going ahead or should i look at another field, My main area i am intersted in is the security areas but that would be the long term goal

thanks for any replys

I have this problem too.
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akimalijbsk8r Tue, 10/09/2007 - 16:39


There's no need to work yourself up about your pre-test score. If I would've taken that test about two years ago, I probably would've scored the same. I didn't have a CLEAR understanding on subnetting until I really started to study for the CCNA two years ago...(I work TWO FULL-TIME jobs!) You don't have to be a math major. You just have to understand binary, hex, and decimal, how to convert between the three, and of course your subnetting knowledge has to be second nature...(so that you can do it quickly on the test.) You'd be shocked at how many "Senior Engineers" have been in the field for years and still can't subnet period!

I recently took the 640-801 exam and failed by TWO POINTS (847/1000) and I don't work with Cisco stuff at all! And I had about 20 minutes left to spare at the end. I just read (PLEASE USE CISCO PRESS BOOKS! I used another book and it hurt me), used the boson simulator software, and the TAC labs on this website. I was weak on switching (VLAN & VTP) which I'm noticing alot of people don't focus on at all. When I retake it on the 17th, I EXPECT to smash the test!

I'm not sure about bootcamps. I've seen some good-looking ones on paper. I just hate spending money so I don't know what to tell you on that. (By the way, I work with a CCIE who convinced me that I could do it self-study and he was right.)

Check out this site...

calitriuk Tue, 10/09/2007 - 21:00

thanks for quick reply,put my mind at ease! well the boot camp im looking at is in the uk and you have a full weekend there using routers etc

ellis_b Tue, 10/09/2007 - 21:19

if you are paying for the class yourself and you are planning on doing more studying, i would actually suggest buying some routers for a home lab before you spend money on a boot camp (and this is coming from someone who owns a training company that makes money from boot camps). the more experience you have, the easier the new ccna exam will be for you. boot camps certainly have their place (kind of making the whole process much easier and quicker) but if you want to really benefit yourself in the long run, buy a few routers and a couple switches and have some fun. it's the best way to learn.


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calitriuk Wed, 10/10/2007 - 02:17

thanks i will i have a friend in the industry so im going to see what stuff he can give me, thanks again for all the answers really helps


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