Low Speed (TCP Application) on Cat45k with SupV

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I have a problem running a host server communication over a Cat45k:

If the server and host are connected over the Cat45k the application transports data at 15kB/s - if I connect the server and host over a Cat3750 - there are no problems!

I sniffed the traffic and see in both cases a lot (and I mean really a lot) of TCP DUP ACK's (Application running over TCP 6109).

First I tought the problem must be that the Cat45k don't support jumbo-frames - But in my sniff-trace I do not see any ethernet frames bigger than 1480B.

Does anybody have an idea?




The issue occuers only if I use the 45k as the switch - it works fine with a Cat3750.



I have this problem too.
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owillins Thu, 10/18/2007 - 06:19

cat4500 with CatOS does not support jumbo frames its maximum size is 1522bytes , if your cat4500 switch contains IOS it will support jumbo frames upto 9216bytes.


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