NAT through a VPN Tunnel

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I am trying to NAT through a new tunnel with an outside vendor.

Lets say that he has a subnet and the network I am trying to connect him with is also a subnet.

Since I have other tunnels coming in to a server on my subnet I am thinking that I want to NAT his subnet on it's way into my network through the VPN.

This is the relevant confg snippets for what I am trying to do (assume the crypto maps etc... are correct). Does this look right?

static (outside,inside) netmask


object-group network MY-SERVER



object-group network Vendor-Connect-To-Me



access-list nonat permit ip object-group MY-SERVER object-group Vend-Connect-To-Me

access-list Vend permit tcp object-group MY-SERVER object-group Vend-Connect-To-Me eq 23

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