Wireless Bridge Getting Frequent Disconnects.....in a Warehouse Environment

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Oct 12th, 2007

This is a complicated scenario...We have a Large cargo handling system, which have with so many floors and 25+ cranes... the PLC's+IP Cameras of all these stacker cranes are connected to a wireless Bridge with communicates with Access-points. the whole place is metal stuctures n Metal Mesh floorings. The APs are standalone since Controller is not commisioned yet. the Bridges disconnect frequently and sometimes gets associated to AP's of diff Floors. we are testins on WDS as Intrim Solution. IS there any Optimal Settings that have to be taken Care. The AP's are 1241's with single antenna.

Only one SSID is used in the domain. How do i make sure the Bridge only get associated to APs of same Floor, and also how to minimise re-authentication delay when it is roaming from one AP to another.

I have this problem too.
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crazyminds2004 Sat, 10/13/2007 - 03:25

Please contact Mr sanoj or Mr Mon Varghese for getting the final solution for your problem

john.preves Sat, 10/13/2007 - 15:03


First, your bridges should utilize a separate SSID. Instead of using the non-root bridge as an AP to the devices, I would plug the non-root bridge into a switch and then use separate AP's to accomplish the connectivity to the devices.

One, this let the bridge have all the throughput to bridge, and not split it up in a dual role situation. If you do not have a switch you could place a crossover cable between the bridge and a standalone AP, but then you have to supply power to the AP.

Assuming you have the line of sight issues figured out, you could further change the polarity of the antennas (if they are patches or yagi's) by installing them 45 degrees out, meaning the bottom of the antenna with the cable hanging out of it could be mounted/placed to the side (on both ends of the link) if you need to. This should be tested, of course, to see if it still works.

In a high multipath environment like this, I would attempt to use patch antennas from the top of the facility pointing down towards the concrete floor for coverage, but I would try to attenuate the signal so that it doesn't reach the floor. This is a trick I learned from an old boss long time ago (thank you Mr. Portaro). Think of the signal drifting down to the floor, but stopping at your knees, perhaps.

As far as the re-auth, what are you using? I have had very little issue with WPA-PSK, but PEAP has been painful so far..working on that now


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