jsivulka Fri, 10/19/2007 - 06:57
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Transparent services while using 802.1s-When using the FWSM transparent mode in conjunction with the 802.1S (MISTP) spanning tree protocol, an active/active misconfiguration on the FWSM can cause a spanning tree loop. The reason is that with 802.1s, you cannot bridge two VLANs together. This is not an FWSM limitation but is imposed by the way 802.1s operates according to the standard. If transparent mode contexts are used, Cisco recommends using 802.1w Rapid PVST+.

Does anyone have a link to documentation that supports the fact that MST 802.1s does not allow vlans to be bridged and that it's not compatible with ACE module bridged contexts ?

I need to convince my management that I need to migrate our bridged contexts to routed mode before we upgrade the core to MST from PVST+ without having to raise a TAC case.

Just asking ... cheers


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