HSRP between distant CEs

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Oct 15th, 2007
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I have CEs (connecting to the same Service provider network)at two distant branches 30 km apart.Each of the CEs connect to the branch network.We would like to extend the LAN across these locations,also I want HSRP configured between the two CEs.Can this be done and if yes how?

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swaroop.potdar Mon, 10/15/2007 - 05:36
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If you are using the service provider for L2VPN between the CE at the 2 locations you can run HSRP as usual.

But the only problem with this is the objective of redunduncy for which you will deploy HSRP between the CE wont be achieved as if one CE which is the default gateway is down, then how would that branch hosts reach the other CE, as that CE is the only means of communication to the other CE.

If you already have a a parallel Ethernet connection between the CE apart from the connectivity provided by your MPLS VPN's then you can run HSRP on the PE as an instance for your VRF.

Here is the link explaining the HSRP support for MPLS VPN's.


If i havent assumed your scenario correct do clarify further.



sumesh_un Mon, 10/15/2007 - 09:29
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Thnks Swaroop

There is no direct connection between the CEs but an ethernet connection is desired between the LANs at either branches.A scheme is needed so that if one branch's CE is down the users on it can access the MPLS cloud via the other branch's CE via this connection

swaroop.potdar Mon, 10/15/2007 - 11:13
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If you plan to put up a dedicated ethernet link between the 2 branches then you can proceed as below.

1) connect the inter branch ethernet to a switch on either sides.

2) connect your routers also on the to the switch on either sides.

3) run 2 HSRP groups, one active for each branch and other backup.

4) if the CE is down then the traffic would go to the other side CE as that would be active gw.

5) For the routing part you can place this link in the same ospf area as you have with your PE with a higher metric and have a sham link configured from your service provider between these sites. So only in case your CE is down the traffic would be taking the backup link.




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