Dirt Restore to 3.1.3 killing AvCsMgr

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Oct 15th, 2007

Hi Guys,

I have a 3.1.3 system and will be moving to 4.0.5 and on a new server.I got a clean backup of the existing 3.1.3 system and then restored it to the new and clean 3.1.3 server .Before a restore is done,Unity starts fine,I can add a user, voicemail works fine and I can delete that user.In ADUC I can see the Unity_UNITY-01 account show up fine as well as the Unity_UNITY-01 show up correctly in the subscriber table in sql.

However after a restore is done,I can see a new account in ADUC created which is _UNITY-01.The Unity_UNITY-01 account also still exists.However in sql I can that the whole subscriber row for Unity_UNITY-01 is now replaced with _UNITY-01 .I see DOH and malex errors in the event viewer which is why AvCsMgr does not start.I tried deletng both the accounts _UNITY-01 and Unity_UNITY-01 and also removed the _UNITY-01 row from the subscriber table and rebooted but AvCsMgr doesnt start because on a reboot as the server recreates the _UNITY-01 account and not the Unity_UNITY-01 account.

I have rebuilt the server thrice and replicated the same problem.There is something in the restore that is killing it.I guess I need to know what is it in the backup file that causes the Unity_UNITY-01 account to be replaced by _UNITY-01 in sql. Both the old server and new server have the same hostname which is UNITY-01 and are not on the same network.Your help is appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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