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Oct 16th, 2007

One of our customers has a helpdesk which roughly 12-15 phones belong to.

All of them are setup with the same CSS and Parition apart from 1 phone.

For some reason, this particular phone can't be dialled from an external source, or have calls transfered to it when it resides in the same partition as all of the other phones.

But if we put it into another partition, then it can be.

I don't understand what could be causing this, as obviously routing through to that particular partition is A-Ok, as the other phones in it can receive calls and transfers no problem.

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AJAZ NAWAZ Tue, 10/16/2007 - 04:10

Remember that the CSS for the phones/lines is applied in two places respectively!.

Firstly, you can place the phone into a CSS - select device -> phone. Secondly, when you click on the DN (i.e. the line or extension number), on the left hand pane - this can also be placed into a CSS. The DN CSS overrides the phones CSS if they are different.

Now, there is a potential that a TP (Translation Pattern) for this DN might exist. Check your translation patterns. TP's are assigned to partition which might explain why it works when you assign the phone to another partition.

It's just important to clarify this.


rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 04:19

Will double check on the translation patterns, but with regards to the CSS, there is only one applied on the phone config, nothing on the DN configuration.

Also, this is the only number in existance, route plan report just shows this number.

AJAZ NAWAZ Tue, 10/16/2007 - 04:22

check the other phones - are they configured in exactly the same way?


rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 04:24

The number range in use is 83xxx.

There is a translation pattern in place for anything in the 8xxxx range, this is to match the 8xxxx numbers dialling internally to mask their numbers.

If this translation pattern would be affecting it, then surely it would affect the other phones. This TP is in a partition of the CSS setup on the phones, so this only comes into affect when the phones dial out.

rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 04:50

The DN is 83411 and the translation is 8xxxx.

The partition that the translation sits in , is also in the CSS that the phones are configured with (along with other Partitions).

This TP simply changes the calling party mask to 83333.

Rob Huffman Tue, 10/16/2007 - 05:05

Hi Ross,

Have you tried removing 83411 from the phone and then removing it completely from the database via the Route Plan Report (unused DN's) Then start over from scratch. It seems to me that something is referenced somewhere with this DN that may be causing you problems.

Hope this helps!


rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 05:10


Yes I did, I deleted the phone itself and had found a second entry in the route plan for the previous "version" of the DN on the other partition and also deleted this.

I actually rebuilt it from scratch on my ip communicator so I could test the calls myself (inbound & outbound). But to no avail, still have the same problem.

Find this very strange, as several phones bar this one, can operate perfectly fine on that CSS/Parition.

Rob Huffman Tue, 10/16/2007 - 05:24

Hi Ross,

Is this still set up on IPC or is it now on an IP Phone? Did you strip everything out after the set up on IPC? Is this set up in the same Device Pool as the working phones?

Just throwing out some thoughts here :)


rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 05:31

This is now back on the users IP phone and yes, I totally got rid of any trace of the number apart from the configured DN.

For Mr Gibson..

Yes, get an error tone when trying to dial the number with the partition that doesn't work, externally but internally seemed ok (apart from transfers)

This other parition (the one it works in) is already in existance, so its created in several CSS' already, but theoritcally the only CSS that would matter would be the one assigned to the gateway dealing with the inbound external calls (when testing the phone by dialling it externally). So regardless of whether the partition is before or after, if the phone isn't in a matching partition it wont route and we know there are matching partitions in this CSS as the other phones can have external calls routed to them perfectly fine.

This can't be any partition/CSS related issue, as there are over 10 phones working with this setup.

brauntelephony Tue, 10/16/2007 - 06:07

If the phone is in matching CSS and Partition as the others in the helpdesk group, and can be dialed internally but not externally, can't we explore the possibility of a dial-peer routing issue at the gateway? (Although the inability to transfer calls kinda has me confused)

I'd try a "show dialplan number XXXX" on the number in question (from the gateway CLI) along with a working number to see if the calls are coming into your CM the same way.

AJAZ NAWAZ Tue, 10/16/2007 - 06:11

The problem is that when the phone is placed into a separate partition - it all works.

So I don't think we can say this has nothing to do with Partition/CSS. But I think we can say it has nothing to do with GW?

what do you say?


rstevenson1 Tue, 10/16/2007 - 06:27

I can safely say it has nothing to do with the gateway, although when you do call the number in question when its assigned the partition of the other phones, the q931 debug shows destination out of order.

The reason I say its not a partition/css issue, is due to the fact that roughly 10 other phones are working with this setup, so this proves the routing for that partition is fine(why would 1 phone act different)

It feels as if the issue is more along the lines of duplicate number/confusion with that particular DN.

rstevenson1 Wed, 10/17/2007 - 05:06

I can get this working if I place the partition (btw_corp) as the first partition in the CSS that is assigned to the gateway.

But we can't leave it like this, as we need another partition as the first for other things we have configured on CM, i.e route points and hunt groups.

The fact that routing goes through to the other 10+ phones in the partition and not this specific one baffles me.


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