Multimode from demarc to our office - 500'

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Oct 18th, 2007

i have a new office going into a large building. this office will connect to our network via a t-1. the qwest demarc is 500 feet away from where the router will sit and the contractor is pulling 6 strands of multimode. my question is should i use a media converter to go from copper to fiber and back to copper at the router and into the wic-dsu-t1-v2?

any other suggestions would be great - this is the first time i've had to use fiber so it's new to me.

thanks in advance.

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Collin Clark about 9 years 1 week ago


Check out transition networks for converting. They make excellent products. Give them a call (or your VAR) and they can help with product selection. Here's an example of what you could use.

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