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Oct 18th, 2007
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I have a router with two fastethernet interfaces f0/0 f0/1.f0/0 does not have any subinterfaces and has only one ip address 10.0.1.x/24.F0/1 on the other hand has several Vlans on subinterfaces(etc 10.0.2.x/24). The f0/0 is connected with a switch A. The link is not a trunk link. The f0/1 is connected with the same switch. The link is a trunk link.

1. For users to at 10.0.2.x/24 to connect to users or Servers on net10.0.1.x/24, the link between f0/0 and Switch must be a trunk link or not?

2. The strange thing is that at 10.0.1.x/24 there is a Server. Users at 10.0.2.x/24 can run the program at this Server, can ping other users at 10.0.1.x/24 but they can not connect for share files at that net. Why is that?(No firewall is on)



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ankbhasi Thu, 10/18/2007 - 09:07
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Hi Moses,

Answering your first question NO you do not necessarily need a trunk if you wnat only one vlan data to travel between switch and router. Now your vlan on switchport which is connected to router fa0/0 should be same as your servers and other machines in 10.0.1.x subnet.

Coming to your second question can you confirm you can ping from 10.0.2.x subnet to server and vice versa i.e from server to 10.0.2.x subnet and is the only problem is file sharing?



moses12315 Thu, 10/18/2007 - 09:39
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Ankur thanks for your time.

Now that you mentioned that i didn't check for switchport at the switch. I will. For other problems the clients did nor report anything else. Actually the report me that for the time i created the VLANs and change all the swithces to Cisco their speed increased a lot. I might go there and check it my self.

Thanks again



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