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Oct 21st, 2007
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I currently have a network as follows:

- A Cisco modem, connected to ISP at head office

- Branch office, same setup, VPN to head office

- Both modems are default GW for network and provide internet services.

Works fine, but I am looking to apply redundancy. So our new plan would involve two internet links (at each site), two VPNs. I'm trying to determine how to actually connect things up from there:

- We could pick one at random to be the default gw, and run OSPF. If the VPN went down, that device (I assume) would forward VPN traffic to the other one to use its VPN. This does not address the issue however of the Internet going down (OSPF isn't going to send a "default route" rule afaik)

- Getting our own address range and running BGP would likely resolve the issue, however I feel we're likely too small to be doing so.

-Any advice on how to make this more redundant would also be appreciated.

So any advice here on what to do would be appreciated. Where applicable, if you could mention the Cisco device that would be useful for your mentioned solution it would also be appreciated.

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