ankbhasi Sun, 10/21/2007 - 05:02
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Hi Ahmed,

If your need is just load balancing then you can achieve with just 2 default static routes with same admin distance but yes if your requirement is to load the traffic on the basis of source ip address or some application then you can achieve them same with PBR.

By this I mean if you want some particular source ip adress or subnet to go out of your network via one particulat link and other subnet to use other link you can use PBR.

Some link about PBR



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bvsnarayana03 Sun, 10/21/2007 - 06:32
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Generally, load-balancingis done on "per-destination" or "per-packet". But, load-distribution with a PBR is a special case used in specific scenarios.

On of the scenarios where I used this method is as follows:

Site A & C are directly connected & site A & C connected via B (high metric path). Here, direct link would be best path, while the other link would be lying idle & work only in case of failure of 1st link. Varying metric for the link, to distribute load over multiple links in a huge network may hamper network stability. Thus, route-map can be used to distribute traffic of separate source subnets on 2 links.

Hope, I was clear in my attempt to differentiate between load-balancing & load-distribution.


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