REALLY factory defaulting an LAP

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Oct 21st, 2007

I want to completely factory default the config. of an LAP.

It happens to be a 1242AG.

I configured these values at Console of the LAP,

IP addr, mask, name, WLC IP.

It LWAPP Joined successfully to the WLC.

From the WLC CLI I did,

clear ap (rest of syntax I can't remember) which the CLI Help says will factory-default the LAP.

It rebooted & Console command

show lwapp ip config

showed the above config & LAP name still there.

1) What should I do to REALLY factory default the LAP config from WLC CLI?

2) How would I do this from LAP Console?

Regards, MH

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Mon, 10/22/2007 - 07:52

Hi Mark,

Here is one method;

To clear or remove the manually entered controller information, you can use these EXEC mode CLI commands:

clear lwapp ap ip address

clear lwapp ip default-gateway

clear lwapp controller ip address

clear lwapp ap hostname

Manually Resetting the Access Point to Defaults

You can manually reset your access point to default settings using this EXEC mode CLI command:


Note This command requires the controller configured Enable password to enter the CLI EXEC mode.


clear lwapp private-config

From this Troubleshooting doc;

Hope this helps!


MARK HEUZENROEDER Mon, 10/22/2007 - 15:07

Hi Rob,

Thanks so much.

It is so very useful the way you refer to the doco. I wouldn't have guessed to to look in Troubleshooting for this.

I wish the TAC would point to doco this way.

So is it correct to say that the minimum amount of effort required to completely factory-default an LAP is,

From WLC: clear ap-config

From LAP Console: clear lwapp private-config


I found it interesting & unusual that these Console commands are inherently non-volatile (ie. no explicit save to NVRAM required).

It is also interesting that what Console command help states as Primary WLC for "clear lwapp controller ip address" command, when viewed from WLC in command "sh ap config gen " is not listed as Primary WLC.

Regards, MH

rob.huffman Mon, 10/22/2007 - 17:58

Hi Mark,

You are very welcome my friend :) I think the easiest method would be;

clear lwapp private-config

Hope this helps!


MARK HEUZENROEDER Thu, 10/25/2007 - 21:28


Now I've had a chance to play with this, it's not as simple as I had hoped for.

I put this config on new-out-of-box LAP_1242AG through LAP Console:

lwapp ap hostname wwmnphla41c12

lwapp ap ip addr

lwapp ap ip default

lwapp ap controller ip add

then connect ethernet.

LWAPP Joined OK.

Turned off power, disconnected from eth.

A few days later powered it up with AC adapter - no eth.

mh-test-c12#clear lwapp private-config

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.


mh-test-c12#clear lwapp ap controller ip address

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.


mh-test-c12#lwapp ap hostname wwmnphla41c12

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.

mh-test-c12#lwapp ap ip addr

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.

mh-test-c12#lwapp ap ip default

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.

mh-test-c12#lwapp ap controller ip add

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.


mh-test-c12#delete flash:config.txt

Delete filename [config.txt]?

Delete flash:config.txt? [confirm]


mh-test-c12#delete flash:private-multiple-fs

Delete filename [private-multiple-fs]?

Delete flash:private-multiple-fs? [confirm]


>>> After a power-cycle, this cleared the AP name but not any of the IP config.

The only way I could factory-default the IP config. of the AP is from WLC CLI (obviously while AP is LWAPP Joined).

Anyone know a way of factory-defaulting the LAP from the Console, given that the LAP was once LWAPP Joined to a WLC but is not currently?

The only thing I can think of which I have not tried it,

delete flash:env_vars

but I'm reluctant to do this since it contains pointers to the LAP OS image.

I don't want a brick :)

Regards, MH

rob.huffman Fri, 10/26/2007 - 04:56

Hi Mark,

This highlights the likely problem ( Sorry, I wish I had sent you this earlier);

If you enter the clear lwapp private-config command, you might see this error message:

AP0017.5922.f384#clear lwapp private-config

ERROR!!! Command is disabled.

This error message indicates that the static configuration commands are locked out because either:

This command was entered while the LAP is registered to a controller.

***The LAP was previously registered to a WLC, but the username/password was not changed from the default

So try this;

Once your LAP successfully registers with the WLC, the static LWAPP configuration commands (discussed in the previous section) are locked out and are no longer accessible. In order to re-enable the commands, you must have set the username and password while the LAP was joined to the previous controller.

When the LAP is registered to a controller, use this controller CLI command to set the AP's username and password:

config ap username password

From this doc that I found after we last spoke :)

Hope this helps!


MARK HEUZENROEDER Fri, 10/26/2007 - 05:54

Hi Rob,

I am totally astounded at your familiarity with the doco.

Thanks so much.

Is the doco spread all over the place like a mad man's breakfast or am I just overly critical :)

Why isn't the content of

Resetting the LWAPP Configuration on a LAP_DocID-99763


1240AG Series AP_Hardware Inst. Guide

under troubleshooting LAPs (where they talk about Console commands).

Regards, MH

rob.huffman Fri, 10/26/2007 - 06:10

Hi Mark,

You are most welcome!

You are not overly critical, I think many people would agree that finding documentation here is hard (to say the least). I have probably spent too much time looking for things for myself and others to try and solve problems, but I guess thats part of the challenge :)

Here are some tips I use;

Start by logging in, this gives you access to a greater wealth of available docs.

Think of keywords like lwapp clear or ccm db

Keep trying different combinations

When you find a great doc, save the link or better yet save the pdf in a file on your desktop. You may find a great link oneday and have trouble ever finding it again.

Don't give up! The information you are looking for is almost always lurking somewhere on the site.

Use the search function on the Forums, there really are some great experts who post answers on a daily basis.

Check out Cisco Press (link on this site) there are some superb books that cover a wide range of topics.

Hope this helps! And good luck!



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