Error while Saving configuration on ASA

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Oct 22nd, 2007
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I do get the following error while saving the configuration to memory on my ASA box.


Building configuration...

Cryptochecksum: 42bceaba 27adb265 edcb9fbd 60a1761e

%Error opening disk0:/.private/startup-config (File or directory already in use)

Error executing command


show version is as follows:

HCL-BMB-ASA-PRI# sh vers

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.0(6)

Device Manager Version 5.0(6)

Compiled on Tue 22-Aug-06 13:22 by builders

System image file is "disk0:/asa706-k8.bin"

Config file at boot was "startup-config"

HCL-BMB-ASA-PRI up 38 days 21 hours

failover cluster up 38 days 22 hours

Hardware: ASA5510, 256 MB RAM, CPU Pentium 4 Celeron 1600 MHz

Internal ATA Compact Flash, 256MB

BIOS Flash M50FW080 @ 0xffe00000, 1024KB

Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-55x0 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0)

Boot microcode : ☻CNlite-MC-Boot-Cisco-1.2

SSL/IKE microcode: ♥CNlite-MC-IPSEC-Admin-3.03

IPSec microcode : ☺CNlite-MC-IPSECm-MAIN-2.04

0: Ext: Ethernet0/0 : address is 001b.2a34.e6f6, irq 9

1: Ext: Ethernet0/1 : address is 001b.2a34.e6f7, irq 9

2: Ext: Ethernet0/2 : address is 001b.2a34.e6f8, irq 9

3: Ext: Ethernet0/3 : address is 001b.2a34.e6f9, irq 9

4: Ext: Management0/0 : address is 001b.2a34.e6fa, irq 11

5: Int: Not licensed : irq 11

6: Int: Not licensed : irq 5

Licensed features for this platform:

Maximum Physical Interfaces : Unlimited

Maximum VLANs : 25

Inside Hosts : Unlimited

Failover : Active/Standby

VPN-DES : Enabled

VPN-3DES-AES : Enabled

Security Contexts : 0

GTP/GPRS : Disabled

VPN Peers : 150

This platform has an ASA 5510 Security Plus license.

Serial Number: JMX1129L0VH

Running Activation Key: 0x46186153 0x1837dcd1 0x00d25d44 0xa8e47044 0x4b142883

Configuration register is 0x1

Configuration last modified by enable_15 at 12:53:21.573 IST Tue Oct 9 2007

Please help me asap!!!



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1cmerchant Mon, 10/22/2007 - 04:13
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You probably need to call TAC to get this resolved, but in the meantime you could write the configuration to a tftp server. That way at least you'll have a copy of the configuration in case the device goes down.

Use the 'tftp-server' command to specify the interface and IP address of the tftp server, and then a 'write net' command to actually write the config to it.

palukuri77 Mon, 10/22/2007 - 22:53
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Thanks for your response. I've the config and also failover ASA working. Opened a TAC case but just thought someone would have faced a similar issue and could throw some light on this.




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