Access Control List-Identifying source and destination?

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I am alway confused when it comes about source and destination IP address for extended Control Access List.

For example,

1. ......'prevent students (on student network) and outsiders on the internet from changing student files in the Records Server(on separate network), while still allowing other departments in the enterprise access.'

2. ....'prevent users on the Research Network and general Internet surfers from accessing the Company Support server(on a separate network). However, you must allow access to all the other company users'

3......'Your goal is to prevent Telnet traffic originating from the Graphics Department(on Graphic network) to reach the Web server attached to Main department network. However, you want to allow Telnet traffic to other destinations.'

In all those above example how can I identify which computers, servers are source and which are destination.

I have this problem too.
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Hi There

It is really quite simple.

What you are restricting access from is the source.

What you are restricting access to is the destination.

Example 1:

Source: Student network & entire Internet

Destination: Records Server

Example 2:

Source: Reserch network & entire Internet

Destination: Company support server

Example 3:

Source: Graphics Dept subnet

Destination: Web server on Main Dept network

Hope that helps some.

Best Regards,



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