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i want to share my experience (not yet successful ;)) with all the experienced people here, and my findings.. and based on them i have few questions,

First one,

I NOW know the meaning of link-local address.

00-12-34-56-78-9a [MAC_Addrs]

would become

fe08:212:34fe:ff56:789a [IPv6_Addrs]


Also, there is ALWAYS a Scope_ID for each type of ipv6 address on a single machine, that needs to be mentionted while pinging (ping6 in case of ipv6) from one ipv6_machine to another ipv6_machine.

In microsoft,

Host A: fe80::20b:5dff:fe08:f5b3

Host B: fe80::216:36ff:fe2c:bcb2


ping6 -s fe80::20b:5dff:fe08:f5b3%5 fe80::216:36ff:fe2c:bcb2

NOW, to assign a Globale_IPV6 address, i used 2001:9fe:a:1::1 on microsoft machine, and

In my 3560 (being the layer3 switch), i configured following..

ipv6 unicast-routing

int#no switchport

int#ipv6 enable


int#ipv6 address 2001:9fe:a:1::2 eui-64

I need to know, i till now what wrong have i done yet, because i am unable to get a ping response from the machine... :)

I have this problem too.
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owillins Wed, 10/31/2007 - 06:28

network connectivity can be impacted if the MAC address or VLAN ID associated with an IPv4 or IPv6 addresses were to change which causes a change in the ARP and CEF adjacency tables.When the change occurs, the update is not correctly propagated

use the clear ip arp command and try again .


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