IOS NAT :- getting from inside to public IP

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Oct 25th, 2007


I am using IOS 12.4 on a 2811.

I have NAT setup as :-

Fa0/0 set as inside

Dialer0 set as outside

Now I also have some static NAT entries for some servers.

But when I try and access one of the staticly NAT'ed servers from inside, using the Public IP address, it fails.

I can ping the server from inside using the public IP address, but cant make any TCP connections.

I tried passing traffic through a loopback interface by seting a policy on Fa0/0 to send packets ment to the Public addresses via the loopback, but no traffic seems to go through.

Have also tries route_maps on the nat, but to no avail.

Is this even possible ??

i,e Open a TCP connection from 10.1.1.x to 212.x.x.103, where 212.x.x.103 is staticly NAT'ed and 10.1.1.x gets PAT'ed to 212.x.x.101 ??

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