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Oct 25th, 2007

I am installing a Single Node UCCX5.0(1) and after uploading the license successfully, I click Next to the get to the Unified CM Configuration page. I enter the Unified CM Telephony Subsystem user and password, same for RmCm user/password. Enter NTP ip. Click Next, and then I just get a blank web page and nothing/nada.

When I login to the appadmin I am still prompted with the initial setup.

The CM Telephony user and RmCm user have been created on CallMgr, but I do not get prompted for System Parameters or Languages, etc.

What gives? Anyone offer an explanation?

I don't have CSA running and my IE has no blocking popups.

Is it a UCCX5.0(1) bugette or what???

Any help much appreciated.


PS. I reinstalled 5.0(1) - same thing.

The web page is refencing the sysparams page, but NOTHING is displayed!!??!!!

I have this problem too.
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cogden Thu, 10/25/2007 - 14:40

Apparently this problem is because the license used for 5.0 here has no agent count.

So I am going back to Cisco licensing (roll the eyes) to try and get a valid license for the correct number of Prem Agents purchased by customer.

Chris Deren Tue, 03/04/2008 - 14:23

I am running into the same issue, were you able to get it resolved?


cjhunt Wed, 10/01/2008 - 05:58

Yes - this definitely is a licensing issue.

I tried pulling a disk on the server, then installing a license code that had an agent count of 100. This then allowed me to complete the integration with CUCM.

So, back to Cisco for the license file whatever happened to [email protected] ?

It's a nightmare now with no apparently dedicated resource for license enquiries...


Chris Deren Wed, 10/01/2008 - 06:57

My issue in fact was a bug (dont have the DDTS handy). The issue is that the config wizard allows you to speciy more than 2 CTI Mgr servers, however only 2 are supported, I've entered 3 which resulted in blank rmcm page, as soon as I re-ran the wizard and entered only 2 servers I was fine.



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