smahbub Thu, 11/01/2007 - 07:00
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You have several choices. Here are the first two that come to mind:

- Under the closed condition, Redirect to a Trigger for a different APP that does the redirect to the PSTN.

The IVR Application Performance Analysis Report will show all of these as calls to the second APP.

cairns-a Thu, 11/01/2007 - 13:49
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Not sure what kind of report is looking for. But I would like to find a report that will show me every extension that is call forwarded and what number they are forwarded to?

Is there such a report or can I query the database?



rtebrake Tue, 11/06/2007 - 06:59
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Not a real report but you can use Bulk Admin Tool (BAT) to get an overview. For example use the 'Update Lines' option, create a relevant query and use the 'View Query Result' button to get a listing of the extensions and their settings. The forwarded numbers will show up under 'Fwd All Destination'.


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